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Your Present Moment - A Spring Clean for your Mind

Your Present Moment:  A Spring Clean for Your Mind
is a month long online mindfulness practice e-course.

Our first e-course starts on Sept 1st 2016 and is designed to clear away the winter blues and recharge your mind for spring. With so much splintering of our concentration and shattering of our attention we can all use small pockets of time to refocus on what is important, here and now.

So, what is Your Present Moment?

Firstly, this is education not therapy, we would always encourage you to seek professional help for any issues that may arise during the course. Meg is a psychologist and writer and Grace is an artist and musician. Our professions and lived experience have informed the e-course but while we have both lived through our own difficulties and diagnoses what we won't be is prescriptive. This is not a course based on the personal opinions of one or two people as self appointed gurus!

The lessons presented are firmly based in psychological theory and evidence based practice. This is your present moment. We have provided the space for you to grow and we will do this in the safest possible way.

We will present information that is designed to make you think, smile, reflect, inspire and act. We will use writing, short videos, audio and links to other websites to enhance the learning objectives. Here they are:

  • Create a space in your life for self-reflection
  • Learn how to live mindfully
  • Practice mindfulness in a safe and caring online community
  • Complement your practice with mindfulness based stress reduction activities
  • Find inspiration to view the world differently
  • Connect with others to share your mindful moments
  • Feel a warm inner glow for doing something positive for yourself
  • Perhaps you can think of some of your own too

The price of the e-course is $49 (includes GST) This is way less than a cup of coffee or chai a day for a month! Because the course is essentially a brain fitness class you may be able to claim your costs through your employer as self-development. Just a thought.

If this sounds just like what you need please enrol here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any further questions? Please get in touch with Meg: purplecordspress@gmail.com