Universal Heart Book Shop Review

‘This Present Moment’ has been mentioned by the Universal Heart Book Club, run by Stephanie Dowrick and Walter Mason.

Meg Welchman has a story worth telling. And courage we can be inspired by, and learn from. She has been forced by recurrent illness and circumstances to face more than any of us would wish. Don’t turn away, thinking that Meg is the kind of hero most of us couldn’t be. Out of her suffering and fear and the immense intimacies and even the weird glorious moments of illness, she has insights to benefit us all.

Her wonderful book, This Present Moment, an art therapy journal based on fifteen important themes of life, including Love, Hope, Courage, Creativity and Resilience, is exquisitely illustrated by Grace Cuell. Details below about how you can buy it. And please do buy it – for your sake, not for Meg’s only.

But first, Meg’s story of writing.



Read the full story here.