Taking a break

Happy New Year dear reader! I hope you are off to a mindful start to 2019.

I am about to go on a two week holiday and will be back in early February. With this scheduled time away I have decided to reduce my reliance on technology and not take my phone with me. This is a challenge because like most people I am used to being instantly accessible to others and habitually check social media/emails or read articles when I could just be connecting with others or even using the time to catch up on daydreaming!

Whether you have a business to run or not, this ‘modern life’ has ramped up communication in such a way where you can connect to so many but rarely say a word! It is uncommon to have an opportunity to not be ‘on’ 24/7 these days but since I am travelling with my family I figure there is no reason to be in urgent contact with anyone else. Those most dear to me will be right there with me!

However, you are important to me too, so while I am away for 14 days, do know I will respond to you on my return. You can still order books and calendars from our online shop however they will not be processed and posted out until the week of Feb 4th 2019 onwards. If you are really keen and haven’t tried it already you can also opt in for a digital detox…but just know that I won’t be posting online about how it was! I will just be enjoying a taste of the old life!

I thank you for your understanding and hope you also allow yourself some space for being in each precious present moment.