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Second time lucky!

“Is there a word that describes the delight of reaching into a cardboard box and pulling out a copy of your own self-published book?”


Meg and Grace are overjoyed to be presenting the second edition of This Present Moment to you this month. Hot off the press, the fully revised and expanded art journal contains twenty mindfulness meditations, uplifting quotes and hand-drawn mandalas for colouring to help readers re-focus and adjust through difficult times.

Written by psychologist – Meg Welchman and illustrated by artist – Grace Cuell, this book is designed for anyone questioning the unfairness of life, whether through illness, heartache, regret or a fear of the future. This Present Moment explores twenty life themes and how these can help us when facing adversity.

What’s new?

  • The section edition is fully revised with 30% more of everything you loved about the first edition!
  • Five new theme chapters, each with a new exquisite hand-drawn mandala by Grace
  • A thicker and more tactile cover which won’t curl – you can even colour the inner cover design
  • Thicker more absorbent paper pages for easy colouring using a range of mediums
  • All made with 100% recycled paper and vegetable-based inks


  • COMING SOON! An audio-book companion for those who prefer to hear the book while they colour (watch this space!)

This Present Moment: An Art Therapy Journal – Second Edition. RRP $32.95. Order yours directly from our website shop (click on the image) or find a copy at our selected stockists here:

An excerpt from the Introduction:

Welcome to the Second Edition

It is almost eight years since I was first diagnosed with aggressive Stage IV breast cancer. Since then, I have made it my priority to be with those I love, to spend time creating and crafting a meaningful life, while receiving ongoing medical treatment. During all of this, vying for my attention is an incessant internal voice; the voice of fear.

In the first edition of ‘This Present Moment’, I wrote that “fear is present in any diagnosis”. And since then, I have found that paying attention to each present moment can be the antidote to that voice.

With this in mind, I am thrilled to be able to revisit and expand what has helped me cope during these past eight years. I have added a further five themes – five more present moments – which Grace has beautifully illustrated.

These new themes have been very significant to my ongoing recovery.

They are:

    • Grounding
    • Movement
    • Awakening
    • Music
    • Dream

We feel great gratitude for the kind feedback from our readers and supporters. It is incredibly encouraging to hear that our words and pictures have reached out and touched so many lives. Our hope is that these new themes find you when you need them most.

~ Meg



“People don’t remember what you did or what you said, but how you made them feel. Buy this book for someone you love and they will be touched and grateful. Buy this book for yourself and you can thank Meg for how it made you feel.” — Catherine Deveny, Author, Comedian.