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Introducing our new ‘This Present Moment’ 2020 Calendar

Calendar page for May 2020

Begin the new decade with our This Present Moment 2020 Calendar! Each year four-time cancer survivor Meg Welchman documents moments of her life as a testament to living in the present. She snapshots both the mundane and the extraordinary and collects quotes and inspirations to magnify her love for this big beautiful, messy, difficult, courageous…

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Five Wellbeing Practices For Everyone

I am thrilled to have my story in the May edition of MiNDFOOD Magazine, especially to be able to share my top five wellbeing practices. These are five practices that have been invaluable to me on a daily basis, particularly in weakening anxiety’s grip and the ongoing management of living with cancer.   I have…

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Songs in the Key of Hope

Meg Welchman was featured in the QWeekend published on Saturday 6 April 2019. The piece was written by Elissa Lawrence and covers Meg’s diagnosis with Stage IV aggressive breast cancer and the writing of This Present Moment, her positive outlook nurtured by her parents, the love story between her and her husband Simon and the family…

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Lost and Found

The year seems to have only just started and somehow we find ourselves already in March! I cleared out my storeroom on the weekend and found something quite surprising; one last box of 2019 This Present Moment Calendars! In Roman times March was the first month of the 10 month Roman calendar. So with that…

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Seeking Balance

I was fortunate to meet Joey Remenyi from Seeking Balance International during a Gunnas Writing Retreat run by Catherine Deveny late last year. Joey is an audiologist who specialises in vertigo and tinnitus. She led a mindfulness session that helped me unlock some of the body niggles I was experiencing. I mentioned my book on…

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Taking a break

Happy New Year dear reader! I hope you are off to a mindful start to 2019. I am about to go on a two week holiday and will be back in early February. With this scheduled time away I have decided to reduce my reliance on technology and not take my phone with me. This…

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