Finding Faith

One of the most magnificent opportunities from creating a book is meeting with, and hearing from, those who have found meaning and hope in This Present Moment. I met Anna last Thursday at the Olivia Newton John Cancer, Wellness and Research Centre in Melbourne. Anna is an artist and beautiful soul taking a sideways “trip” (her word!) through the medical world. She was compelled to write the following (and illustrate her version of Faith from This Present Moment). Thank you Anna for sharing and for being courageous.

These are her words:

I’m so grateful to you and Grace for creating this book! Your words have a meaning that is lacking in the others. And Grace’s hand drawings are so evident when colouring in as the shapes are all unique! I love it! You can feel her pen, and her hand. It’s a very special book.

So thank you so much for it to you both! It’s the first time I’ve actually used a book like this and it needed to be very special to get me off the high horse I’d stranded myself upon! I am so up myself at times! I thought I’d recovered from that somewhat but no, there it is again and again! Progress not perfection.

I tell my painting students it only needs to be ‘good enough to keep going’. Which was how I began till I was able to fall in love with my work. Or the doing of it, the process of being in the moment. The sheer joy of it.  At one point I shifted direction & painted 7 years of not very good paintings to get to a break through.  It feels quite a separate process from the ‘me’.  I’m just so grateful to keep going!

Thank you again for your wonderful book and words. I’m reading slowly and enjoying it so much. I thought I was colouring the Hope mandala at your workshop & found at home it was the Faith one I’d done! My challenge is just that – having faith. So it felt very right. Thank you!

:PCP Faith
So thank you for everything.  For coming to Melbourne, writing the book, your courage and wisdom and willingness to share with us all.

 – Anna, Melbourne