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Creative Mindfulness:

A ten day e-course to re-energise your creativity.

Do you know someone who says “I don’t have a creative bone in my body”? Do you wonder when the creative urge will strike? Do you need some fresh ideas or want to think differently about a project? Creative Mindfulness can help!

Meg Welchman, (Psychologist/Author) and Grace Cuell, (Artist/Illustrator) of This Present Moment, will explore what it means to be creative and how to bring more creativity into your life.

Have you lost some of your mojo? Perhaps there is a work situation you are stuck on or a problem that needs an innovative solution. Maybe you just need a little motivation. Join us for ten days of fresh thinking and simple activities to stimulate the creative muscle.

eCourse facilitators

Meg Welchman - Author

Meg is a psychologist and the author of 'This Present Moment - An Art Therapy Journal'. Grace is a designer and the artist who illustrated the beautiful hand drawn mandalas and typography found in its pages. Read more about Meg and Grace here.

"Our professions and experiences have informed this e-course but – while we have both lived through our own difficulties and diagnoses – what we won't be is prescriptive."

Lastly, and importantly, this is education – not therapy. We would always encourage you to seek professional help for any issues that may arise during the course.

Grace Cuell - Illustrator