Creative Mindfulness

A creative life is a rich life!

Feeling stuck?
Need some fresh ideas or want to think differently about a project?
Perhaps there is a work situation you are stuck on or a problem that needs an innovative solution?

Creative Mindfulness can help!

What is Creative Mindfulness?

Creative Mindfulness is the process of applying focused attention and a non-judgmental approach to creative pursuits. The aim of creative mindfulness is to follow your dreams into fruition!

‘Creative Mindfulness – Re-energise Your Mind’ is a self-paced 10 day online course designed to help you to invigorate and reclaim your creativity.

Full of practical activities and examples Creative Mindfulness will open up the endless possibilities for creative pursuits, whether it be drawing, writing or innovative problem solving at work.

Course convenors

Meg Welchman and Grace Cuell – authors and publishers of ‘This Present Moment – An Art Therapy Journal – provide fun, insightful, easy lessons, grounded in positive psychological theory, that explore what it means to be creative and how to bring more creativity into your life.

They will work through all the common thought blockages that stop you from creating. Using mindfulness as a tool to unlock your creative potential, they help dispel all the myths that hold you back.

Join Meg and Grace for ten days of fresh thinking and simple activities to stimulate the creative muscle.

When does it start?
From July 21st 2017

What do I need to participate?
All that is required is a computer or mobile device with internet access, basic computer skills, and your dedication – for at least thirty minutes a day for best results.

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