"Could a calmer, more mindful population create a kinder and more peaceful earth?"

This Present Moment

- An Art Therapy Journal -

fully revised and expanded

Mandalas, Meditations and Musings in Mindfulness

This Present Moment contains heartfelt meditations on 20 important life themes, including Love, Hope, Courage, Creativity and Resilience, to give peace and focus through contemplation and colouring.

This unique book offers a place of peace amidst life's more difficult moments.

With a distinctly 'hopeful' flavour, Meg charts the pivotal moments that reflect each of the themes over the last ten years of living with cancer.

Featuring beautifully hand-drawn mandalas by Grace Cuell.

This Present Moment is for anyone facing a difficult diagnosis, a difficult relationship or any difficult situation. It is both a “how to” for navigating a path through the darkness and a wakeup call to jump into life.

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Words by Meg

Kindness mandala
Joy mandala

The Authors

Meg is a Psychologist, lover, mother and breast cancer survivor with an interest in creativity and connection. Read more >>

Grace is a Fine Arts Student and musician with a passion for living in mindfulness. Read more >>

Illustrations by Grace

Gratitude mandala

What people are saying;

"Huge congratulations on getting your second book up! That's great, and will help many. As I mentioned at the time, it's what you have written next to Grace's beautiful mandalas that makes your book standout. Sharing the wisdom you've gained and the inspiration of others makes it utterly unique."

- Anna Taylor, Artist

"Meg...has been forced by recurrent illness and circumstances to face more than any of us would wish. Don't turn away, thinking that Meg is the kind of hero most of us couldn't be. Out of her suffering and fear and the immense intimacies and even the weird glorious moments of illness, she has insights to benefit us all."

- Stephanie Dowrick, Writer, Retreat leader, Spiritual teacher

"What a treasure. What a comfort. What a balm!"

- Catherine Deveny, Writer, Comedian and Public Speaker

"Like six weeks of therapy without having to talk to a soul."

- Maureen Hansen, Artist, Musician and Art Therapist

"While we cannot choose our circumstances, we can choose how we deal with them. This Present Moment: An Art Therapy Journal would make a perfect gift for anyone; especially those diagnosed with ill-health or working through difficult situations.

- Natasha Rae, General Operations Manager, Relationships Australia (Qld)

"This Present Moment is filled with sound psychology and spiritual guidance."

- Alison McKenzie, Chevalier Institute, Sydney

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Songs in the Key of Hope

11 Apr 2019

Meg Welchman was featured in the QWeekend published on Saturday 6 April 2019. The piece was written by Elissa Lawrence and covers Meg’s diagnosis with Stage IV aggressive breast cancer and the writing of This Present Moment, her positive outlook nurtured by her parents, the love story between her and her husband Simon and the family…

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